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With great power comes great responsibility

The great power of Holmatro hydraulic tools is wielded every single day to achieve challenging tasks. Whether it involves saving lives or placing a bridge part with extreme precision, it's all about deployability and reliability. Having up-to-date insight into the maintenance and inspection status of your tools is therefore crucial. The Holmatro Service Portal has been designed to help you with that.

What does the Holmatro Service Portal offer you?

Tool management

Up-to-date and detailed insight into the location of your hydraulic tools whether they are Holmatro tools or other brands.

Maintenance and inspection management

Insight into the maintenance status and inspection history of all your hydraulic tools.

Documentation and information

Direct access to the latest user manuals, product specifi cations and maintenance instructions.

Service requests

Fast and easy service requests at your Holmatro Service Centre.

What users say about the Service Portal

Goodbye paperwork! I only need to scan a tool’s code to find all relevant product and service information.

Jordy Kool – Facility Support Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Brigade

The Portal helps me to give me overview in my work. It helps me to keep track on ourequipment. It definitely makes my work easier and faster!

Piedro Castello, material manager, Allicante Fire department

Frequently Asked Questions

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